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Edge Chair

Edge Chair Leg detail

The characterful armchair catches the eye with its elegant and cool appearance. It impresses in a class of its own with the simple design and the seating comfort, and then the chair is adorned with some unique, elegant details.
A designer chair like Edge has a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The light and beautiful wooden frame is inspired by the Scandinavian furniture design traditions of the 40s.


Edge Chair leg detail 2

Viking Chair


The Viking Chair is a statement piece, with its unique forms and shapes.
A precision to detail is put on the manufacturing of this piece since the stitching on the upholstering to the hand work on the frame.
The Nordic Design is noticeable on the organic shapes of the frame giving it a timeless look.
This chair as many options of finishes on the ulphostery and it can also be in a walnut frame.


Karma Chair

karma chair_edited.jpg

The Karma Chair is another one of our pieces that brings diversity to any space, because of it's configuration it can have to different colour fabrics, leathers and even if you choose a sheepskin option.
The rotation feet on this chair gives the multipurpose feature that we all need in our homes, to use in a desk or even to lounge in the living room.


karma chair 4.jpg
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