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Bendy Table

white 2.jpg
Bendy Table Feet detail

The Bendy coffee table gathers family and friends for wonderful moments and does it with class. 
The design is elegant and simple with the beautiful slim steel legs and the solid top plate in stone or wood. 
This coffee table is available in two types of wood, four different marble colors, three different frames and two different sizes.

Bendy Table Wood top

Flat Table

Flat Table brass leg

The Flat coffee table is simple in its design. It has a timeless character and can adorn as a central element in the living room decor. 
The design draws on the proud tradition of Danish furniture design.

It can be individually varied in the material on both the top plate and the frame.

It is available in several sizes and comes as both a round coffee table and a square coffee table.

Flat table black leg

Paris Table

Paris table detail

The PARIS coffee table  expresses with beautiful elegance all the best of modern, Nordic interior design style. 
It has a lightness and a simplicity where the philosophy of "less is more" lives.
The coffee table frame is formed in powder coated steel and is available in exactly the color you want. 
You can choose from our many different marble variants and types of wood for the plate.

Paris Table top
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